Wecome to 3D Render Studio. We are specialists in the field of Architectual Design and 3D Graphic Design. Pricing for renders start from $300.00 NZD with video walkthroughs starting from $1,500.00 for 30 seconds. Please email us and send your house plan CAD file from your designer or house plan concept or full set of drawings and we will send you a proposal.

We also offer a range of Architectural​ Designer services including concept house design and full working drawings - please enquire for pricing of house plans (this service is available all over NZ)





Our Services

3D Floor Plans and Elevations

3D floorplans are a great tool for marketing. Sick of your standard black and white plans? Want to add some colour to ...

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3D Product Rendering

Not sure how something is going to look? Show your clients what the product will look like before going ...

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3D Architectural Rendering

Builders, Architects and Real Estate Developers create photorealistic architecture visualizations to promote and ...

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3D Animation Walkthroughs - Interior and Exterior

If you want to really see how a house will look once it's built, go for a complete video walkthrough of your ...

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New Homes Plan Drawing

Prices start from $15.00/m2 and depend on many things. Please ...

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